Sunday, March 27, 2011


One of the best parts of doing conventions, aside from getting great Marquis drawings~ is to meet all the wonderful artists who did them! Like Riley Rossmo (artist for PROOF from Image Comics), who not only did this wonderful drawing of the Marquis looming over the carnival of Hell~ but stopped by to chat and gave me a gift of the original art! Thanks Riley!


More cool Marquis artwork from the Emerald City Comicon! Chris Sheridan did this wonderful drawing of the Marquis fighting a knife wielding "devil of the deep" on the shores of Venisalle! You can see more of his cool art over at his blog, including the line art version of this drawing!

Monday, March 21, 2011

In the shadows of Venisalle

A promo piece I recently did to test out some of the background effects I wanted to use in the new Marquis books. In the original stories reprinted in the Marquis: Inferno, I used hand applied shading film that adhered directly to the original art to give the different grey tones and textures. For the new graphic novels starting with The Marquis and the Midwife, I'm using more digital greys for the finished page that lets me play around with more depth of field.

Below the main image: A look at the process from start to finish~ I pencil loose (far left) and block in the Marquis figure and main buildings before adding all the details to the architecture during the inks. I knew I was going to fade out the background, so I added a lot of line work to the buildings and kept the Marquis as a simple shape to frame the center image. After adding the greys and different effects to the image, drawing in the falling snow is the last part of the job!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


A big highlight of the recent Emerald City Comicon was meeting the Marquis in person, who wandered the convention floors in search of hidden devils!! Chris Dimoff created this amazing Marquis costume (in incredible detail) to match the comic counterpart! Chris doesn't have a website, but if you were at the show and took any pics of him as the Marquis, he'd love to see them (and I would too!)
Chris Dimoff ( )

PICS Top: The Marquis strikes a classic pose on the convention floor. Middle: With Dark Horse Marquis editor Rachel Edidin (left) and me on the right. Bottom: Me showing the inspiration for the mask scowl being my own mug!


Playing catch up again will all the wonderful art I've been receiving for the Marquis Diableries! A couple weeks back was the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, Wa~ I had a wonderful time and got a bunch of amazing Marquis drawings! Including this great action shot of the Marquis facing off against an unseen tentacled devil done by David Ryan Paul (who I also got to chat with at the show!)