Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Home Renovation at the Ministry!

A look at some more sketches for the upcoming "Marquis and the Midwife"~ the Ministry of Inquisition goes under construction and gets a face-lift, surrounding the main tower with more spires in hopes of warding off the crimes and sin of Venisalle. Top is the rough sketchbook drawings of the initial re-design with a warm up drawing at the bottom showing the Marquis overlooking the city as the Ministry looms in the distance!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I was thrilled to learn that last week, the Marquis was chosen as the subject for Ten Ton Studios weekly sketch challenge~ where different artists draw their rendition of the character before voting on a winner in their forums! And the winner of the Marquis challenge was this amazing drawing by Matt Horak of the Marquis fighting a mass of devils that drive him towards Hell! Along with more of Matt's cool work on his blog, be sure to check out the link to Ten Ton Studios below to see the rest of the incredible Marquis artwork from everyone who participated in the challenge!
Matt Horak
Ten Ton Studios


The wonderful Eve-the-Strange is back with another great Marquis piece, as a huge tentacled devil lays fallen before the Marquis' bloodied sword! Eve's got more wonderful Marquis art up her sleeve (that will be showing up on the Diableries as soon as I catch up)~ but in the meantime you can see them and lots more cool art on her DeviantArt page!