Sunday, July 29, 2012


The Marquis peers into the darkness of Hell as the tentacles of the damned coil around in this wonderful illo by incredible painter and concept artist, Stephen Schirle! I got to work with Stephen on the upcoming Pacific Rim film and it was amazing to watch him work in person! Be sure to check out his website to see more of his awesome paintings~ and since he's also another year older this weekend, let's wish him a Happy Birthday too!
Stephen Schirle


Animation student and wonderful cartoonist, Miklós Felvidéki brings us this great drawing of the Marquis radiating the tentacles of Hell (with some old timey Marquis approved shading film too!) Be sure to check out Miklós blog for lots more cool comics and a variety of his drawings!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


The Marquis readies to strike at the flaming heart of sin, as an amazing Court of Devils look on in horror in this awesome drawing by Juan Calle! For more of his cool illustrations, concept art and comics~ including the b/w version of his Marquis piece, check out his DeviantArt page below!
Juan Calle


Rob Reilly (artist/co-creator of A.K.A) sent me this great drawing of the Marquis opening hellfire on a huge charging devil in the snowy streets of Venisalle! Be sure to check out Rob's blog for more of his cool comic art and convention sketches!
Rob Reilly

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The MARQUIS: INFERNO 2nd printing sells out!

Just learned that Dark Horse Comics wonderful collected edition of THE MARQUIS: INFERNO has sold out of it's second edition! We're looking into options for a third printing and hope to have it back in print soon~

I've also had people noticing that the upcoming "MARQUIS and the MIDWIFE" graphic novel has already been listed on a few places as coming out this month, unfortunately that's a mistake (not sure why or how those dates were posted). I'm currently still working on the content and there's been no solicitations for the new book yet~ but check back for updates, as soon as it's done and ready for print you'll hear it here first!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


More amazing Marquis cosplay, this time the artist Marquis Celia Cheung (The Winterkings) was found hunting through the convention floors of the 2012 Calgary Expo for any lurking devils! Celia's wonderful Marquis robes and clothing were created by professional jouster and costumer Alison Mercer (you can see more of her amazing period costuming at the link) and her mask by sculptor Jesse Sinclair! The pistols and sword were also custom made and will be featured in an upcoming Diableries for a closer look!

I originally came across this cool photo of Celia and Alison in costume from the comicon online, and after I contacted them, they not only sent more photos of Celia as the Marquis but even found a corner of Venisalle as a backdrop!


I haven't gotten to many comic conventions since last year, but the Marquis has been recently spotted haunting the convention floor! I met the Marquis Chris Dimoff in his amazing costume at the 2011 Emerald City Convention and even though I missed this years show, the Marquis returned!

These wonderful photos of Chris in costume were taken at the 2012 Emerald City Comic Con, the top portrait by Seattle photographer Daniel Berman (be sure to check out his link for more great shots of the show!) And the Marquis below, with his pistol locked on an approaching devilish convention goer (and whoever designed those curtains) taken by Trevor Dykstra!

Also Congratulations to Chris on winning the Silver medal for his Marquis costume at the Emerald City costume contest! Be sure to check out Chris' website to see more photos of his amazing costume updates along with it's creation~ and keep a look out (and camera ready) at the comic cons, the Marquis might still be lurking about!
Chris Dimoff
The Marquis Diableries 121

~it may not show on his face, but the Marquis is very honored and happy to have won the Silver!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Marquis About Town

Some more quick sketches done for the upcoming "Marquis and the Midwife" graphic novel showing a few background settings to the streets of Venisalle. I've always thought that the setting of a story is as important as the characters themselves, and I've tried to make the streets that the Marquis haunts as much of a character as any in the book. For these sketches, the focus was more on mood and composition with the surface details of the baroque architecture tightened up and filled in when redrawn for the finished page.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Incredible concept artist Bradley Wright returns to the Diableries with this stunning and haunting illustration of the Marquis surrounded by the tentacles of a devil siren! Bradley recently created a series of amazing Marquis speed paints that were featured in an earlier Diableries (link below)~ and be sure to check out more of his incredible work over at his blog too!
The Diableries 135
Bradley Wright


Kelly Williams brings us this great drawing of the Marquis, robes billowing with the tentacles of Hell! You can see Kelly's original sketch and the different stages that went into creating this piece on his blog along with more cool art to his upcoming horror project, The Cabinet over at Kickstarter!
Kelly Williams TreeBeard
The Cabinet