Thursday, July 12, 2012

The MARQUIS: INFERNO 2nd printing sells out!

Just learned that Dark Horse Comics wonderful collected edition of THE MARQUIS: INFERNO has sold out of it's second edition! We're looking into options for a third printing and hope to have it back in print soon~

I've also had people noticing that the upcoming "MARQUIS and the MIDWIFE" graphic novel has already been listed on a few places as coming out this month, unfortunately that's a mistake (not sure why or how those dates were posted). I'm currently still working on the content and there's been no solicitations for the new book yet~ but check back for updates, as soon as it's done and ready for print you'll hear it here first!

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  1. Expiring slowly in anticipation of Midwife...! <3 (Also, PACIFIC RIM AAAAHHHHHHHHH. <3)


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