Monday, June 10, 2013

THE MARQUIS: INFERNO back in print!

The third printing of THE MARQUIS: INFERNO from Dark Horse Comics is now back in print and available through your local comic shop or Amazon! The collected edition reprints the Danse Macabre storyline along with the Hell's Courtesan and A Sin of One short stories! Includes an extensive 56 page sketchbook section and full-color cover gallery!

Sunday, June 9, 2013


The amazing Aldo Katayanagi sent me this beautiful and powerful portrait of the Marquis, scowling and seething with anger and all the sins of Hell! Be sure to check out Aldo's website for more of his great illustration work!
Aldo Katayanagi


Sorry it's been awhile between updates on the blog, but in the meantime I've been getting more amazing Marquis guest art! Including this great looming Marquis in full "J'accuse" stance over a fallen devil by the wonderful Jason Baroody of Ten Ton Studios! Be sure to check out more of Jason's art and comics over at the Ten Ton site!
Jason Baroody