Sunday, July 8, 2012


More amazing Marquis cosplay, this time the artist Marquis Celia Cheung (The Winterkings) was found hunting through the convention floors of the 2012 Calgary Expo for any lurking devils! Celia's wonderful Marquis robes and clothing were created by professional jouster and costumer Alison Mercer (you can see more of her amazing period costuming at the link) and her mask by sculptor Jesse Sinclair! The pistols and sword were also custom made and will be featured in an upcoming Diableries for a closer look!

I originally came across this cool photo of Celia and Alison in costume from the comicon online, and after I contacted them, they not only sent more photos of Celia as the Marquis but even found a corner of Venisalle as a backdrop!


  1. Well done. Like the pistols. Nice photography. Glad I'm not the only Marquis out there.

  2. ^5, Dimoff bro! :D (that's me in pics, btw. ;D)


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