Sunday, March 20, 2011


A big highlight of the recent Emerald City Comicon was meeting the Marquis in person, who wandered the convention floors in search of hidden devils!! Chris Dimoff created this amazing Marquis costume (in incredible detail) to match the comic counterpart! Chris doesn't have a website, but if you were at the show and took any pics of him as the Marquis, he'd love to see them (and I would too!)
Chris Dimoff ( )

PICS Top: The Marquis strikes a classic pose on the convention floor. Middle: With Dark Horse Marquis editor Rachel Edidin (left) and me on the right. Bottom: Me showing the inspiration for the mask scowl being my own mug!


  1. UNREAL! What an awesome job Chris did. Hats off!

  2. Fantastic costume! I have a pulcinella mask just like this one, cape and all that. I've been trying for years to build up the ultimate Marquis costume. But how he cast mold the pistols was a marvelous job to behold.
    But one thing I truly have is an epee/rapier and I know how to fence >:). I took fencing in the last three years because of the Marquis inspiration.

    Non nobis domine. Long live the Marquis!



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