Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Marquis bookplate artwork

More found artwork~ this drawing of the Marquis with pistol and devils was done as a book plate for the signed hardcover volume of Danse Macabre that ONI put out years back.


  1. Sweet i showed ur book to my comic lecture on the new illustration course i was telling ya bout and he was mighty impressed just letting you know! We have to study an artist style so this blog has been great to understand your work!

  2. This would make a really cool tattoo...Man, everything you do is amazing.

  3. Man how I love this! Full of flow and method. I dig how you use the pen - It gives for such a great way of describing things!

  4. Great surprise found this BLOG!!!
    Beautifull artwork around here!!!

    Best from Spain, Guy!!

  5. Hey Guy,
    Just writing you to tell you how much I like your work, it's really cool to find your blog. Hope to see more stuff from you in the near future!

  6. Thanks Looka and Diego!~ work on the new Marquis and the Midwife is going smoothly, should have some new artwork to show soon and more throughout 2010

    Hi Javier!~ glad you found the blog and thanks again for the wonderful Marquis drawing!


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