Monday, November 16, 2009

The Marquis and the Layouts

When laying out the larger Marquis stories I work without a script at first, just some story beats written down and then I start roughing out the page thumbnails as the story plays out in my head (image on the left shows 4 page roughs to Chapter 1). After I have the whole story initially worked out, I like to go back and tighten up the page layouts and rework the pacing ( 2 pages on the right). Some things will get moved around a bit~ shown above, what I thought would be page 12-13 in Chapt. 1 ended up as the beginning pages to Chapt 2 in the final layouts. Once the second pass of layouts are done I'll write a rough draft of the script and go onto pencilling it all out~

This is similar to how I tackle the layouts with a writer doing the hard work like on B.P.R.D, I usually do quick thumbnails when I read the script and then more detailed ones to run by the editor. And as a side note, the scribbles around the pages on the left were some first ideas for the Midwife's "coat of arms" that her children scrawl around the town.


  1. Guy you know i LOVE this stuff!
    the process is awesome!

  2. Ooh this is fascinating. It's great topeek behind the curtain. :)

  3. Very interesting to see how your storytelling changed from one rough layout to the next. This is awesome!

  4. love these insights keep em coing


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