Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out with the old~

With 2009 coming to an end, I want to thank everyone who's been stopping by and following the blog~ and of course to all the great artists who tried their hand at the Marquis and kept the weekend Diableries going!

2010 will bring more fan art, updates and peeks at the new Marquis and the Midwife book, but to finish off the old year I found the original "Midwife" cover I did back in 1997 . When the series was first at Caliber Press, the Midwife story was part of the proposed "Danse Macabre" mini-series (this was going to be the second issue cover), but when I reworked the Danse storyline years later it didn't fit in with the new pacing and was left out.

I liked the basis of the "Midwife" idea and over the years fleshed it out to the new full book that I'm working on now for Dark Horse Comics. Along the way the design of the Midwife also changed a lot (I think for the better), but above is how she was going to look back in '97.


  1. Great artwork! I just brought the Marquis inferno so I could read it in the Christmas break. It's outstanding!Anyway.. Happy new year!!!

  2. Happy new year!!! All the best in 2010 to you and the Marquis

  3. This looks incredible.
    Happy new year, Guy!

  4. Looks awesome Guy! I love how you pushed the bg back by drawing it in pencil. Wonderful cover!

  5. Great Monster!! Happy New Year, Guy!!

    Did you send the book? If you already sent it, I will ask the post office.



  6. Thanks everyone! I'm going to keep the new design of the Midwife a surprise until the book is out~ but I'll show some other devil design sketches in the new year.

    Chris~ Vince Locke colored all the original Marquis covers I did the art for. We left the background pencilled thinking he would paint directly on it to give it more depth from the foreground inked linework. The whole drawing was also done on thicker board that Vince would use for painting.


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