Friday, January 15, 2010

Wigs and Cravat

Some character and costume design for the upcoming Marquis and the Midwife graphic novel~ the "rich scared couple" only show up for three pages, and since their main purpose is being "scared" I worked up that expression in the sketches first. Next I came up with a couple costumes designs that I was lucky to like on the first pass~ so those designs stuck and I went to final pencils above.

I don't reference clothing much anymore, I poured over so many clothing styles to the time period during the Inferno stories that I have a good basic idea of 18th century styles and can use that as a basis to build up on and make some designs more fanciful for the Marquis' world. Which usually means huge or bizarre wigs, lots of layers and cravats for everyone.


  1. How you can take such loose pencils and and turn them into such awesomeness boggles my mind.

  2. Not only are the costumes very evocative of the time period, but from what I can see in the pencils the architectural details are as well!

    Great stuff as always :)

  3. Thanks everyone, I'll post inks and finishes side by side with some pencils in the coming months too.


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