Thursday, March 18, 2010

Enter the Marquis!

In some older blog posts I've shown pencilled pages to devils, the midwife, General Herzoge~ but I just realized I haven't posted any new pages showing the Marquis yet. So here's another peek at some pencils to the upcoming Marquis and the Midwife, and the entrance of the Marquis himself into the story.


  1. damn! why nobody public "THE MARQUIS" in Italy? @àà#!

  2. Yo Guy - this rulz.

    WHen you do inks, is this how detailed your pencils are before you start a page? I was just suprised at the looseness of the layout, just wondering if you go over again with more detailed mock up (like laying out the stuff in foreground in the last panel).

    anyway - can't wait for the midwife.

  3. Hi Emiliano~ looking into it, hope to be there soon!

    Thanks, Scott! These are the finished pencils before I start the inks. All the stuff in the foreground of the last panel ( plates and bowls that the girl is bumping over) I'll just tighten and finish in the inks along with other background details.

  4. I'm really glad you use pencils as loose as mine. Sometimes I think there's something wrong with it or something when nobody else I know does it!

    I'm super excited to see more of your new work. Please post more sketches and other Guy Davis paraphernalia!

  5. Your work and your style are amazinf, man! I have all BPRD, Marquis and Zombies That Ate the World comics; you are one of my source inspiration (with Mignola, Buscema and many artists). Can I do an art of The Marquis? How to upload the image, if you accept? Keep doing amazing work !

  6. Thanks! I'll be posting some more peeks to the Midwife in the coming weeks.

    Sure thing, Sanzito~ I love getting fan art to the Marquis and seeing different artists take on the character. You can email me the image at my website email (link to my website is in the links column), and I'll upload it in one of the upcoming Diableries.

  7. Oh wow, it's awesome to see you work so loose with the pencils and tighten up with inks.

    Can't wait to see more about the Midwife~


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