Monday, June 20, 2011

The Marquis TWARTED! #1

Comic Twart is a great blog showcase of amazing artists who every week draw their versions of different characters~ and I was honored to learn in April that the Marquis was chosen to be "twarted"! All this week I'll be posting their incredible renditions of the Marquis along with links back to Comic Twart and also their websites where tons more cool art can be found!

First up is the man who chose the Marquis to be Twarted~ the incredible Francesco Francavilla, who is not just one of those artists who seem like they can draw anything. I think Francesco actually does draw everything! The man's a powerhouse of a workhorse and a wonderful designer too as proven by this great Marquis lobby card! Makes me wish there was a 1930's Marquis movie serial hidden in a vault somewhere!


  1. oh it would be wonderfull if there was a Marquis movie!I'd watch it right away!!


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