Sunday, January 13, 2013


After selling out of it's 2nd printing, Dark Horse Comics will be going back to a 3rd printing of The Marquis: Inferno this year! Via the unholy and awesome Marquis editor Rachel Edidin, I'm told the new editions will be available and on sale March 6th!


  1. Congratulations!

    Never though of selling a license to publish a role playing game based on the universe of the Marquis? Several sets are available that could probably be clumsily and imperfectly adapted but the background, the characters... deserve a full 'sourcebook', and no 'generic' rules can reflect the peculiarities, the 'atmosphere' (as dark as that of Kult in a very different setting) of 'The Marquis'.
    And perhaps a range of corresponding miniature figurinesin the popular '28mm' size?
    Kickstarters / Indiegogoes and the like are currently all the rage to launch new rules and new ranges of miniatures.

    Now a question titillates me: what is the color of the clothes Vol de Galle wears under his black cloak?

    Best regards and wishes.

  2. Sorry about the late reply, definitely have thought about a role-playing version of the Maquis and will think on it more soon! The Marquis is entirely clothed in black. Black mask, hat, vest, under garments. But to make it clear in the comic, the highlights are shaded in different values of grey!


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