Monday, September 28, 2009

Intermezzo back cover

For the 2003 Marquis: Intermezzo collection (that reprinted Hell's Courtesan and A Sin of One), I did this drawing of the Marquis and the escaping devils of Hell for the backcover~ which became clearer when reversed out and colored (but ended up being covered by a lot of text copy). The stories from "Intermezzo" were reprinted in the new Marquis: Inferno collection, but there wasn't room to include this piece in the sketchbook section.


  1. awesome.

    with a piece like this, how much do you sketch out? Do you just go in and just ink the monsters as you go? or do you lay out the tentacles, faces, and what not before you lay all the inks down? Or do you just go in and get crazy on the fly?

  2. Thanks! For something like this I pencil in the Marquis' face and shape more tight and then for the devils I just pencil in some rough shapes to indicate the direction I want them to flow from and then go crazy with it during the inks.


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