Monday, September 7, 2009

The Marquis and the Midwife ~ "Les Pencils"

With the Marquis and the Midwife underway, I'll show some peeks to the progress of the upcoming new graphic novel over the upcoming months. First up are a couple pencilled pages to the "Les Preludes" chapter which introduces the "Midwife" herself. I'll post progress on these two pages as I get to the inks stage and then the final page with grey tones in place.


  1. These look (for lack of a better term) fantastic, I love getting a chance to see you compose the panels prior to inks. Great visual storytelling. Can't wait to see more on these pages...

    Almost forgot can't wait to see it in print either!


  2. Terrific and fantastic!! Great pencil!!

    Un saludo

  3. It'll be great getting an insight into your creative process, Guy! I've religiously collected all of your work on BPRD, and just yesterday pored over THE MARQUIS: INFERNO as soon as it arrived in the mail. You probably don't remember, but I had you autograph a drawing I did of one of the BPRD frog monsters at the 2008 Baltimore Comic Con, and you graciously drew a little Johann Kraus at the bottom. Having discovered THE MARQUIS, I treasure that autograph and sketch doubly now!

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  5. These look great! I look forward to seeing how the pages progress through all the stages and learning lots of things! Thank you for taking the time to do this :)

    By the do you draw your pespective shots? I can't detect any construction you just go for it?

  6. Thanks everyone~ I'll show random pencils to other pages in the coming months (just nothing to give the story away).

    Angalok~ I remember you! Had fun at the Baltimore Con last year, but unfortunately won't be able to make it back this year.

    Alex~ I pretty much just go for it with all the perspective shots, I put in the holding line shape for a corner or wall/ceiling but I never use a ruler or vanishing point for any of it. I never liked the vanishing point method since it always made the art look too flat and stiff to me. And I'll "fake" perspective and placement for a better set up and mood shot a lot of the time too.

  7. Awesome! I love getting a chance to see artists' processes, especially went it's an artist I admire. Thanks for the peek, Guy!

  8. gorgeous pages, such faultless storytelling and expressive faces, gives me a huge quiver of delight seeing this stuff.
    and i don´t know why so many artists are slaves to ´correct perspective´.
    when you can play with reality the way you do it adds so much more to the experience, messes with your perceptions like all good horror stories should.


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