Friday, September 11, 2009

Le Marquis and the Colorist

Back in 2006 when I did the advance cover for the French Marquis and the Midwife for Les Humanoïdes Associés, they had the image fully colored. I wanted this to be the "white" cover to set it off from the other French Marquis tomes (Danse Macabre was the black cover and Intermezzo was the red one)~ and the colorist did a wonderful job of giving it a hazy winter feel too.

Unfortunately, I don't remember who the colorist was on this and Humanoides couldn't find their contact info either~ so if the colorist happens to find this blog, email me so we can give credit where credit is due and get you back in contact with Humanoides.

UPDATE: Thanks to FHNavarro for figuring out that the colorist is the talented, Javier Montes!


  1. this would make a really nice poster (35x50cm)

  2. My God this a real smasher ! And I agree with the poster thing, that would be awesome !

  3. Agree with the above two...this needs to be a print! C'mon Guy, we want to give you our us out! How bout a print from each like the black, red, and white!

  4. May be the colorist of The Marquis the spanish artist Javier Montes?

    Un saludo

  5. Houu! I love this one! Encore, encore!

  6. I second (or third) the call for a poster of this image. It is one of my favorite compositions as the crush of demonic cavaliers seems entirely overwhelming, but well within The Marquis' abilities to dispatch.

    And I just saw that you've tackled Solomon Kane too. I will be placing my order for that TPB before the day is out.

  7. Thanks everyone! Glad you liked the cover image~ I'll look into doing prints again. I offered the covers to the first 2 French volumes as prints on my website in the past.

    Thanks FH~ you might be right, it looks like his style!

    Thanks KingUnicorn~ the Solomon Kane short is will be free online through Dark Horse Presents MySpace and then collected into tpb later.

  8. Thanks FHNavarro! Got in contact with Javier and you were right it was him who colored the image!


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