Monday, September 14, 2009

Le Marquis and the process~

When I got back in contact with Javier Montes who colored the cover for the French volume of The Marquis and the Midwife~ he also sent me a few files I had lost that showed some of the process to the finished cover.

Top is the pencilled version of the cover that I sent to Humanoides before I went to inks. But before I sent in any coloring notes, Javier sent along the mockup (center) for a color scheme he had in mind. This was sharp, but too similar in tone to the Intermezzo cover. After getting the notes I sent he did the quick color test (bottom), which was closer to the final "white" cover but the tones needed to be colder for the Marquis' winter world and with the next pass he nailed the final cover!


  1. hello Mr. Davis... Mr.Mignola was right you "do" love those monsters! :)
    Enjoyed Marquis: Inferno.. thanks for the sketch book addition..enjoy seeing the creative growth from beginning to final version

  2. a bold and beautiful composition, and the final colour choice makes all the difference.

  3. Thanks!~ yes, I do love those monsters! ;)


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