Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Coachman~ Start to finish!

Rounding out the Marquis and the Coachman extras, here's a look at page 3 from the initial layouts to the final grey toned page before it was passed to Dave Stewart for coloring of the red tones (you can see the final page on the Dark Horse Presents site). The page was drawn and inked by hand, but the grey tones and lettering were added digitally.


  1. Ah that's really cool... i love seeing behind-the-scenes stuff.

    And what a difference a little grey makes!

  2. THANX for sharing those interesting steps of a wonderfully well composed page! keep up the cool posts Guy !

  3. Very cool to see this stuff Guy! I'd love to see stuff like this from BPRD too! Please?

  4. Thanks Dave,
    Dark Horse did a really cool flash version of a few BPRD:Universal Machine pages from script to colored version on their site. I think it's still up under their "Making of a Comic" section~ here's a link.


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