Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Marquis and the Coachman!

I did a new Marquis short story for the May issue of MySpace/ Dark Horse Presents #22. The Marquis and the Coachman is a special prequel that takes place before the Danse Macabre storyline as an introduction to the Marquis and his b/w and red world! It's FREE online, along with much more Dark Horse goodness at the Dark Horse Presents link in the links section. The link will take you to the current issue, so you'll have to choose #22 from the back issues to find the story.

At first this story was a bit of a puzzle to do~ the only condition Dark Horse had was that the artwork had to have some color on every page for MySpace. The living world of the Marquis was already established in print to be entirely b/w and grey but I figured out a way to throw a bit of red into it that hopefully makes sense to what's established. I also did the grey tones digitally for this short instead of the hand laid screen tones that I did in earlier Marquis stories and amazing BPRD colorist Dave Stewart came onboard to color the Hell tones just as he did for The Marquis: Inferno collection.

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  1. I loved this one, and it was fun to see some new Marquis finally.

    I think the colour effect was clever and turned out well.

    Man all that fantastic architecture and the costumes and masks and stuff... let alone the demons... the world of the Marquis is so damn creepy.


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