Friday, July 17, 2009

Inferno sketchbook extras~

For the new Marquis:Inferno sketchbook section, I tried putting in everything I could from the old sketchbook sections along with new art never before printed~ but even at 56 pages, I couldn't fit in everything I wanted. Here are three old illos I did for the original Marquis pitch and to advertise the series back in '98.


  1. Nice. I really like the composition and mood of the middle one.

  2. Guy, your work is absolutely stunning. I followed Marquis when I was younger and got every one. It's great to see it out again with additions. Your inkwork serves as an inspiration to us all

  3. hey are these bonus stuff in the back of the new book, or an actual seperate sketch book?

  4. Thanks Brian and everyone for the comments!

    Hi Kevin~ Sorry I should have said "sketchbook section" originally. The illos above are some pieces that didn't make it into the sketchbook section of the new Marquis: Inferno collection and not a separate sketchbook.

  5. Simply awesome, I can't wait to re-read all this stuff in the new collection !

  6. Perhaps in a 'Sketch Macabre' , or a a series of posters?
    Looking forward to how the artwork will look in the next installment.
    Sharper, more monumental and less scribbly and suggestive?
    And maybe one day Baker Street will be returned upon.
    Keep us informed Guy!


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