Friday, July 10, 2009

The Marquis: Inferno in 3D!

It won't be on sale until Sept. 9, but I got my advance copy of The Marquis: Inferno today and Dark Horse did an incredible job pulling out all the stops for this edition! At 336 pages of old/new and reworked material it was a beast to keep in order, but collection editor Rachel Edidin along with everyone involved really did a wonderful job putting it together! I'll show more peeks to the insides as we get closer to September, but here it is sitting pretty on my grubby inking table above!


  1. O September! O thou light-wing'ed dryad of the year; come now or see me die! ;-p
    I already have the Intermezzo book but I won't skip this collection because I've never had the chance to read the Dance Macabre story; Besides, the previous posts really proved how hard you've been reworking the whole thing. I'll be really pleased to read this Inferno collection! (Not to mention the upcoming BPRD TPB next Fall...;-p)

    Cheers from the rainy land of the frogs


  2. No bs, hands down this is the book i cannot wait for! i assume it will have pretty much the same release date here in ireland!

  3. Ooh pretties.

    I wonder if there will be a fancy bookplate edition for Gosh Comics? It seems like they manage to score bookplate editions for all the books i'm most looking forward to.

    Or will there be signed copies available anywhere?

  4. YEAAAAHH! I really can't wait, until then I will go thru the old collections... like a hundred times.

    I'm also pretty thrilled to see the new book! Thanks for doing all that work!

  5. Will be waiting for it in Holland!
    Thanks for the insight into the choices made, and why.
    A great addition to your site!


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