Saturday, July 4, 2009

Welcome to the Marquis' Inferno!

After a few years hiatus, The Marquis is ready to see print again and I couldn't be happier with it's relaunch at Dark Horse Comics. The new Marquis:Inferno is slated to hit the shelves on Sept. 9th 2009 and will collect all previously published stories from the original mini-series (Danse Macabre, Hell's Courtesan, and A Sin of One) into one huge 336 page volume! Also in this definite edition will be a new 56-page sketchbook section, an introduction by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, newly colored sequences by BPRD colorist Dave Stewart and a full-color cover gallery featuring the covers to the Danse Macabre single issues by Matt Wagner, Mike Mignola, Charles Vess, Teddy Kristiansen, Kelley Jones and Michael Gaydos!

But this blog isn't just for a shameless sales pitch~ right now alongside working on the next B.P.R.D series "The King of Fear", I'm also working on the new Marquis graphic novel~ "The Marquis and the Midwife" for 2010. So along with some images from the Marquis: Inferno, I'll also be showing some sneak peeks to the upcoming "Midwife" book's progress as I get it done. For more information on the Marquis and to see some of my other work including B.P.R.D and the Zombies That Ate The World, be sure to check out my website~ Guy Davis Artworks in the links section.


  1. Welcome to blogger Guy.

    Can't wait for the new edition of Marquis to come out, and i'm looking forward to seeing future instalments unfold.

    Should be a cool blog.

  2. Thanks Pimpernel,
    I'll try to update it as regular as possible with something new! Hope you enjoy the Marquis:Inferno too!


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